Soul Wars

by Zagros5000
Soul Wars
Online RPG - a PVP PVE based sandbox RPG named Soul Wars - Discord link: bleach naruto [More]
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Date added: May 27 2017
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Welcome to Soul Wars. This is an awesome game that I have developed using my love for bleach and passion for making games. I am still updating it and it is over [x] years old! Come in and take a look.

The game is currently heavily favored towards training and PvP combat. However, I am striving to update adding a multitude of fun and interactive PvE content as well as new forms of pvp to keep everything fresh! I also have been updating each class, zanpakutou and race to feel more unique and diverse, rather than the same with a different colored projectile. There is still A LOT in the works, but the game is definitely worth checking out. I've built an in-game forum, people can page me at anytime and I take suggestions into consideration hardcore. This is not a game I have made only for myself. This is a game I have made for all who would enjoy it and are fans of bleach.


Nikey82222: (Tuesday, 1:18 pm)
Bring back bwwa
ShroudedCorpse: (Feb 15, 2:56 pm)
rigged my espada leader fight smh
Dannyd100: (Feb 15, 2:54 pm)
I wish Zagros would show me his pepe
Zagros5000: (Oct 30 2017, 9:36 am)
SKTT1Faker: (Sep 2 2017, 10:01 am)

For those of you who check just this page and not the discord,
SW is expected to go live today (at any time). I'm simply giving my educated estimate.

Please come and bring all your friends, and join the Soul Wars ultimate experience in the vast world of bleach.