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Byond's most hated with a bullet. Speak at your own peril (apparently)


Dec 23 2015, 2:13 am
avidanimefan <-- skype
Dec 23 2015, 12:40 am
Nov 2 2015, 10:24 pm
I do artwork, mostly programming.
Nov 2 2015, 8:02 pm
You is icconer?
i have a dbz and good projects, i need a good icconer for help me
Feb 12 2014, 10:27 am
Its cool man, I kind of posted everywhere :>

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Avidanimefan's Games
Alchimia : Altered Realms
Explore, craft and combat alchemic creations in a magical world.
About Alchimia : Altered Realms
Dragonball Ex
Dragon Ball Super
Re: DBS : Play Test Weekend 1
Kage: Rise of the Tengu
When evil stains your past and threatens the future, what will you do?
Progress #3
Naruto Base
A src code allowing you, the player to make their own Naruto game.
Re: About Naruto Base
Avidanimefan's Demos
D & D Dice Roll Demo
Create the same effect used in Dungeons and Dragons
Re: About D & D Dice Roll Demo
Remove groups of atoms from and to your client screen with ease.
Re: About SC OBJ
Shake Quake Screen Shaking
Make your games have a shake effect of the screen.
Re: About Shake Quake Screen Shaking
Weather system.
The original that took BYOND by storm.
Re: Screenshots
Zap Map Instancing
Missing visuals from your maps? This lib solves that issue.
About Zap Map Instancing