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Currently Working on the game 'Unrivaled' ~ The Next Big Game to Come to Byond. Finally a RPG showing some creativity!

Codesterz's Games
Codesterz's Anime Chat
You can build houses, Chat, Change your Icon, Send files to other users. CAAC Anouncement !!!!
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Dragonball Z KI Blast
A shooter DBZ game. This is in no way like crappy zeta's. Version 0.6 -Kill Bug fixed- Saving Added-
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Future Icons
New Icon Pack 100% made by me no rips!!! There are mechs, future weapons, turfs, cannons, and power ups. More to come soon. Every day there will be a new update!!! Version 3
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Kahnah is a small world of business and out laws. There is a large stock of minerals metals, gases, oils, etc. ..Coma and see Info about the Re-Make!!!
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A new action packed mech shooter!!! Version 3
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Rise to Glory
Please join so I can see if my PC can host correctly! Please contact me by pager if you are unable to join.
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Rise to Glory -ReMaKe-
Now at version 0.04b! Come join in the fight to be the best. Employ various Tactics in battle and kill swarms of enemies in this verbless MORPG. Looking for a good host info in forums!
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Rise to Glory 2
Sequel to Rise to Glory 2. All new coding and many new graphics many large maps to explore and monsters to fight.
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Tactics Online
An Online RPG/Tactics Game in production.
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Immerse yourself in one of the most original MORPG's on Byond. Experience a large imaginative world filled with a great depth of history.
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Codesterz's Demos
Codesterz Charset Icon Pack
Many great Characters with Full movement and poses
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Kahnah's Players/Strategy Guide
Player's/Strategy Guide for Kahnah. Inculdes tips, maps, explanations, item info and is updated every time the game is updated. Updated
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Rise to Glory Source Code
The Rise to Glory Source code and Icon Pack
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Weapons, Armors, and Items Icon Pack
Great Icons for a great price. 5 dimes for life. That means free up to date Icons.
Codesterz's Libraries
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RPG Icons
Several Icons to put in your game. Icons range from Swords, Armors, Helmets, Shields, etc.
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An Icons pack of turfs made by me NO RIPS. Including side pieces, carners and angles, for maximum efficiency. (now includes Kahnah Remake Turfs)
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