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Dec 16 2021, 11:54 pm
Hey, I saw your comment in a discussion about Last Robot Standing, asking if an user had the interest in sharing the source code for hosting, did you ever get it? I really like Last Robot Standing also, would love to play it again.

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Hiead's Games
Just another chat program. Nothing special here.
About Chatty
This is the executable form of my Game-In-A-Day entry. The entry, minus the source.
About Game-In-A-Day
A fun, quick turn-based strategy game.
About Knight
Macro Finder
Need to find the name to one of those pesky macros?
About Macro Finder
A small pixel-based Pong game.
About Pong
Hiead's Demos
Knight Source
The source code to Knight.
About Knight Source
Linked Objects Demo
A simple demonstration of linking objects into a chain
About Linked Objects Demo
Pong Source
The source to my little Pong game.
Re: About Pong Source
A demo to represent a Zelda-esque camera system.
About ScrollingCameraDemo
Simple HTML Forms
A demonstration on how to implement your own HTML forms, library-free!
About Simple HTML Forms
Hiead's Libraries
A set of functions for conversions to and from Base64
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A package of text-manipulation functions.
About TextLib
A lightweight library for including flexible timers in any project.
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