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White Boy Who Thinks Hes Black
Oct 20 2014, 9:13 am
MY IGN: King of Hueco Mundo,

Key: White Boy Who Thinks Hes Black

Hello I Was Banned 10/19/2014 For Unknown Reason Could i Please Be Unbanned All i was doing was asking if i could buy lvl 900 for $2 it was just a joke but i guess after that there was no warning to not ask again just a instant ban.

P.S. Won't Ask Again if thats the reason.
Sep 6 2014, 12:22 pm
I'd like to get unbanned, please. Originally I got banned a while ago because my brother got on one of my alts and trolled the server, I'd like to apologize for his actions and I would like to ask for a second chance. I would really appreciate it if I could get unbanned. I would just like to play this game again, because I really enjoyed my time on the server. Thanks for your time.
Aug 2 2014, 7:09 pm
Also if it isn't too troublesome, may I also get a reason for getting permabanned? Thank you.
Aug 2 2014, 7:06 pm
Account:DaxZeebo and accounts affiliated with DaxZeebo(BlakeXuuba,DaxZeebo1)

Reason:Unknown i didn't break a rule but i'm guessing its for joking aroud with buster.

Banned By:Bustercannon aka Stasis
I was banned by buster cannon permanently for minor horseplay with the admin. When I was banned I was given a warning of some sorts but not an actual warning that told me what i needed to stop doing. I was also never given a reason for the ban so I don't know if I had even broken a rule. I had been banned twice before, but the initial ban was for 24 hours and when I was banned there were people who actually broke rule number 3(racism) in OOC but buster just went on a rant about racism but not even banning them. When i was banned that time it seemed as though he overreacted i my opinion for the first time I was banned for being a "sidekick" even though I wasn't even directly talking to buster nor did I break any rules. I was given a warning to stop talking but he could have just muted me instead of banning me for one day. The second time I was banned I was given a warning of sorts(really a threat from him) saying he could permaban me but I didn't know what I was doing that was deserving of a permaban. Reevaluating the situation having the name Buster's Sidekick in OOC might have angered buster but I believe that being permabanned for a name is a complete overreaction on his part. It has been almost a month since I was permabanned and I believe the permaban should be lifted for I should have never been punished for the first place and if he didn't want the name he should have notified me instead of permabanning me. The only punishment I believe I should have received at most was a mute and an actual warning instead of permabanning me from his game.Again, upon further research I had never broken any rules thus even being banned once for a day was never needed and a mute and actual warning would suffice.I would just like for someone from the Bleach Las Noches staff to read this and hopefully lift my permaban for again it has been a month since my permaban initiated so being banned for this long is already more than enough.Thank you in advance for reading and I hope all goes well for BLN and Lightining Inc. in general.

Agent Banks
Jul 11 2014, 4:14 pm
Account: Agent Banks
Reason for Ban: Hitting Buster in Shinigami Academy i believe so.
Banned By: Buster
I was banned for not knowing that you cant hit people in SS bed area. Before people always killed each other so I thought i could still do it. I feel as though, you didnt give me any warning. How was i suppose to know that changed, i just made a acc that day so yeah. But anyways please unban, it wont happen again. You already obliterated me so yeah, i have to start over anyways. But please take the time to read this it would be very thankful. May God Bless Your Soul.
-Peace, Agent Banks

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