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Masschaos100's Games
Bar Generator
Generate Large Bars For Your Game Very Quickly
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Css Class Generator
This Generates a class based on options you choose
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Clicks Of Death
Click to the death!
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Masschaos100's Demos
Bar Generator
Bar Generator, Generate Large Bars Very Quickly!
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Image Cutter
Cuts Images...'nuff said
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Map Icon
This generates an icon of your map...
About Map Icon
Map Icon Demo
Demo Of Map Icon...
About Map Icon Demo
turn messages into a string of ascii characters
About Message2Ascii
Messin With Icons!
Made this to mess with icons using the various procs I made.
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Ref Writer
Writes html files that can be used in custom(?) references
About Ref Writer
This shades icons/images in a way that makes it look like a bright white light is shining on them.
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