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Omg, some hack my account when my computer is broken and then I cAme back about a month and then someone made up something(if you need me, go to and add me as friend,BeastyMasta)

Narutofoxy123's Games
Bleach: Chaos Light
It a rip game, dont play in if you hate rip. We gonna we make remake maps.
About Bleach: Chaos Light
Final Fantasy Realm
Where new Advecture of Final Fantasy Realm begin.[Unfinish]
About Final Fantasy Realm
Naruto:Darkness of Heaven
Cool game but please play here and we need a hoster
About Naruto:Darkness of Heaven
Pokemon Chrome
A fun adventure, Yo
Re: About Pokemon Chrome
Pokemon Chrome: PokeWorld
Remake because im on other comp.Pokemon Chrome the Real Officical
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