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Mar 5 2015, 2:22 pm
OE sucks so fucking much I'd rather 69 a python while an anaconda shits in my mouth than play SOE. I'd rather eat whale shit while guzzling shark piss than play SOE. i'd rather have my dick bitten off by a crocodile while an elephant rams his trunk up my ass than play SOE. I'd rather be stranded in the Sahara desert with no water while a pack of camels take a shit on me than play SOE.Thanks for banning me. The only good thing you assholes have ever done. like i said I ban myself from you shitty ass game but i take it as a compliment and reward that you banned me. Shows you can't handle the truth about how much your piece of shit game fucking sucks.
Mar 4 2015, 4:59 pm
Congratulations to you, Krast, cali and Brix for doing what i had thought was impossible and being even more shitty and incompetent and hosting and running a game even than Soda, dphoenix and Meth ever were. i had thought noone could be more shitty and incompetent than Soda, Dphoenix and Meth but you, Krast, Cali and Brix have proven me wrong. As you gay fuckshits have fucked the game up far more even than Soda, dphoenix, and Meth ever could. BTW thanks for banning me from your gay fuckshit game even though i banned myself anyway. i take it as a compliment and reward that you stupid nazi fuckshits banned me.

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