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Aug 16 2011, 9:42 am
Haha, such a great layout!

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SadoSoldier's Games
Mountain Climber
Race to the top of the of the mountain; while it's being built! Yes, thats right. in this game boulders are falling from the sky creating a mountain that you have to get to the top of -- or be crushed!
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SadoSoldier's Demos
Ingame Update
Hate having to upload files then send them to your host for them to close the world and add the files? Well no more! with a couple of procs and one verb you can update your game with just a reboot!
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Timer Demo
Just a basic on-screen timer demo.
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Trace The Smell
If you want more realistic NPCs in your game then this is for you, add NPCs that can follow you by your scent! I also included a system that makes it so the longer you go without batheing the smellier you get xD
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