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My newest game i made from scratch but it is still updateing so i hope you join
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Bleach:Darkness Rises
Welcome to BTUR! I need some gms maby like 4 or 3 more idk so come join!
About Bleach:Darkness Rises
A building/chat game
About Build
Dragon Ball Z A New Begging
Its finnaly up hope you like it!!!
About Dragon Ball Z A New Begging
Dragon Ball Z Chibi heroes
Fast lvling! New transes and great gms!
About Dragon Ball Z Chibi heroes
DragonBall Z:Unlimited
DBZU! Come have fun and join. This may be a RIP now, but we are going to turn it into our own with friendly GMs and nice gameplay!
About DragonBall Z:Unlimited
Duel Monsters
Duel for the best or lose with the rest
About Duel Monsters
My newest and better DBZ game hope you like :D
About ElysiumRemake
My new Naruto game if you rank game you get a health and chakra boost!!
About Naruto
Naruo:Can You Be The Ninja
Just a rip and a new naruto game =)!!!!Can you be the Ninja is the real question
About Naruo:Can You Be The Ninja
Naruto:Kill or Die
I need a host,coder,and mapper and if you rank the game youll get a boost and star village!Looking for GMS
Re: About Naruto:Kill or Die
Naruto Legacy Of A True Ninja
Looking for a mapper this time!
About Naruto Legacy Of A True Ninja
Updates are in and i need all the help i can get
About Naruto:Shadowshinobi
Back up and running!!!Now need a coder,iconner,and a mapper!
About Narutokunai
Its just like the video game!! come try it out
About Pokemon
PokemonFlame!Can you stop the burn?
About PokemonFlame
Pokemon Future
Its Back Up! You could be a pokemon or a trainer! So just keep on battleing till you cant battle anymore train your pokemon!IM GOING TO NEED A MAPPER AND A 24/7 HOST
About Pokemon Future
Ima add new Shen Gong Wu and new Icons and ima add jacks robots!!
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Looking for Staff
Looking for Staff
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