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Tazor07's Games
About BattleCall
A 2-4 player game to grow the most crops
About CropThumb
MegaMan RPG
A side scroller, turn based RPG currently in Alpha.
About MegaMan RPG
Cooperate with other players to build a megalopolis.
About SimCity
Zelda Four Swords
Link has found a sword that splits him into 4, prepare for battle!
About Zelda Four Swords
Tazor07's Demos
Graphical Dice
A demo which creates dice that players can roll simply by clicking them.
About Graphical Dice
Shooting Range Demo
Ever wanted to make a game like House of the Dead?
About Shooting Range Demo
Tazor07's Libraries
Mining Demo
A mining demo for newbies to byond.
About Mining Demo