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I've been told that I'm too cocky. I apologize.


Audio freak XD
Sep 18, 10:08 pm
Quack. Do you have any grapes?
Aug 20, 1:11 pm
Xirre= Cool I had problem and he helped me fix it ;p
Aug 7, 3:23 pm
Random Message :D
Oct 29 2013, 9:25 pm
xirre can you tell exgen to unband me he banned some one named treG we are related so we played on the same computer with different accounts and it thought i was his alt
Oct 15 2013, 2:36 pm
Hello, There's a lot of talk for a scifi RPG on this place.
Just asking for a host...

Also, it's not for your services, but if your really that devoted to hosting original games, then here's a generous 315,000 nex.

(1) Its a currency for anything to do with gaming.
(2) Note a 'shroud' law involving nex. It's an rpg that unifies every game with real life. But no thanks, not activating that. In this case, assume all my chats as OOC.

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