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Understanding The World Is What Makes One Evil


Yesterday, 8:03 pm
Pretty much. Finally getting back around to coding and such
Sep 13, 9:53 pm
just saw ur msg u seem same o-o Ig o-o
Aug 17, 11:54 pm
Haven't been on in 4 years, still the same. lol stay classy. stay classy.
Mar 30, 3:55 pm
if you guys wondering what happened, msg Killop, I believe he deleted his post due to getting upset :\ ^
Mar 5, 6:59 pm
making obv claims such as my game sux won't matter I been saying that and the hub itself says that LMFAOAOAOAO

Idt I EVER said it's good just letting you know it's gonna be byond's best game after update I think BELIEB IT :D:D o-o

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Naruto Sage's Legacy
GUESS WHAT --> CHICKEN BUTT LOLOLOL, I'm not gonna put something here that makes the game sound the slightest bit decent, you play it if you want, and if you don't then don't. Simple as that, this game isn't anything special yet. Enjoy :D