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Tim / 24 / UK


Jul 26, 10:07 pm
Just passing by to say it's been too long mate.

-Byond's Gangsta
Jul 22, 7:20 pm
Howe told me something that I've been meaning to tell you, but I keep waking up too late to tell you (since you would probably be already sleeping) Skype me sometime x) I always get too busy in the day to msg my old byond friends; Miss you and all of them lots!
- Sushi
Cloud Magic
Jul 21, 6:30 pm
ty teka, you a real N
Aeon Games Inc
Jul 5, 10:41 am
It's been years, but stole your cake. Cake monster.
Mar 23, 7:18 am
Yo, whats new, i've been offline for maybe over 4 years. Just came back, i remember you, we use to talk, Well i use to talk with alot of people, Seems not alot of them are active, But your on my friendslist :P

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