Well, me and Fayte's new Bleach game is released. It is being hosted by Fayte 24/7. It has all Ressureccions done and all shikai's including all other races. We are trying to add bounto but right now we are trying to fix up some icons to make them more epic. Right now we need a 448x448 whirlpool icon that has about 3-5 lightnight striking icons. The attack it is for is only 4 seconds long. If you can't squeeze that in then just make the Icon for me and I will fix the codes. Thanks to anybody who can get this to me.
O..Kay.. And where the hell is the game?
well...either BYOND was being stupid or find the new Bleach game search "Bleach: Razor Edge" and choose the one that's by "Dashing101"...all in the search thing at the top of your browser