by Oasiscircle
Explore an endless dungeon to rid it of its inhabitants!
Myriad was made in a 24 hour time frame between starting November 17th.
The game uses a three color palette and features beautiful music and sound effects. Each dungeon is randomly generated, so each play-through is different.
Another great release!
This game makes me rage. It's all luck. I rage because the first monster I fight has a great chance of utterly sending me into the after-life. Goddamn Slimes.
A suggestion:
1) Allow the baddies to drop loot from time-to-time.
The inventory system'll make the game a lot more diverse and based on decisions rather than luck hopefully.

I never have trouble with the first slimes, which surprises me because lots of people tell me that they're the most likely to kill you.

Maybe you all are just horribly horribly unlucky. ;)
if(src.key=="Oasiscircle"){src.luck = 100 / 0;}
Needs sound effects, not juicy.
It has sound effects. Is juicy.
The volume is super-low though, in the next update there's a slider for volume. One second and I'll upload a screenshot.

Woo! Sexy interface! :D
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Oh yeah my bad, had to turn it up a bit. Still in combat though when the player misses there's no sound, it's only when they hit. I think having a miss sound would be great. Some juiciness anyway when I turned it up.
The majority of lower bit games only have a sound when you make a hit, a sound for a miss would be annoying...
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Um Runescape is just an example of a miss sound off the top of my head. Same with most games, just because you don't do any damage doesn't mean it's silent. To me it would be missing an opportunity to add some juiciness because in the past people didn't do something.

In the past we had point and click games like Riven & Myst because home pc's couldn't render worlds of that detail in real time. Thankfully now we can but we don't still play point and click games because they how high detail games were done.
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Runescape is not in the same tier as this. And anyways, as far as a development/design model, runescape is a pretty bad one.

Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it. It has nothing to do with the fact that we can have sounds in our games for everything. Pretty basic.

Also, for what it's worth, I still play old games and point and click games. Because they're good games. I don't give a damn if I have to point and click because the game is fun and enjoyable. Which is what actually matters about a game. Not that this has anything whatsoever to do with the topic though...

Ontopic: Nice one Oasis! diggin' it :)
Much of my offline time has been spent on me being slain in this game. Very simple, very fun, very awesome. :)
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Haha, thanks! Just wait until the inventory update! :D
I had like 2.85 million points until the inventory update : p
Your "beautiful music" is the same was WARFORGE :p

Awesome game, Gary.
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Fugsnarf wrote:
Your "beautiful music" is the same was WARFORGE :p

Awesome game, Gary.

Music's expensive, especially good tracks. ):
Thanks! (:
So, new update seems to include gems, scrolls, lives, and some varied equipment (which doesn't give any more defence/offence). My question is, what in the world do gems do, they just take up space.
If you collect a bunch of them and then "use" them, you get extra lives! :D
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