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GiaD 2011 entry
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Contract to Chaos
Side view fighter. Similar to super smash brothers.
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Fire Emblem - Binding Roads
Fire Emblem on byond, same feel, same game play, with multiplayer. (Hiatus)
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Holiday King
Rule the holidays through 3 different games.
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Shuriken Master
A sidescrolling action adventure game developped for S.D.Guild contest.
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The Darklord
Play as a Dark Lord and destroy everything in your path
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The Raven And The Frog
Fly through obsticles as a Raven
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Tubes & Cannons
A board game... with fireworks
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Megablaze's Demos
Burger Babe
Collect ingredients to add to the ultimate burger... Why is the burger dressed up as a girl?
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Demo for a worm digging game
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