:) Hey Rod it's pretty close to releasing v 1.1 a lot has been done a very considerable amount :D!

I'm hoping within the next few days T_T
Hey teka i really like your game and i can see u need a hoster. Can i be that hoster ill host from 9am to 1am
Ah i appreciate that DarksideX, but the current version is pretty old and a bit meh :) and we won't need a host till v 1.1 is ready :P so we wont need a host yet, and we do have shells available as well.
oh ok if u do need help on anything that has to do with your game tell me
There will be Mods, when they are needed, after the games up, experienced players show themselves and by natural selection are chosen.
so you wont need a hoster right
Hey Teka, as you can see I am not a Byond member as I can not afford it but I really want a HUD for my Naruto game and was wondering would you be able to make me one?
Hey Teka! If you need help in any games being GM's in, I am always here to assist you.
Thanks a million for helping me out Teka!

I hope to repay the favor someday. :)

See you around,
You're such a kind soul, thank you so much for the membership.
Thanks for the byond membership bro!
I dont mean to be mean sir but may i please be a byond member i can not afford it my family doesent really have that much money to waste on stuff that i want so.. if you could respond it would really help Bye~
I like your game :) Keep it up @(u_u)@
teka is richest champ on byond
Keep up the good work Teka!
Hey Teka! Good work on being top donator for BYOND. I'm a constant membership buyer, but I was hoping you could buy my brother Thomas a membership for a year, would be greatly appreciated! His BYOND key is 'Taobmc'. If you can't do it thanks anyways, if you can thanks even more!
Can yo do me a favor?

A small donation?

Of 30$.

i'm willing to send you my Bleach Game for 30$?

I do not understand why everyone bothers Teka for membership. Don't you realize if he wants to buy you membership he will. You don't have to ask just be patient until he comes across you and decides if he wants to buy you membership or not.
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