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Brought you a membership, because you seemed too cool to be without one
oh snap lol Crowley has a membership O.o...put it to good use..
You're good at drawing. Draw me stuff!
I'm starting up an action rpg project and I'm looking for an artist, if you're interested in starting a long term project, please contact me at: [email protected], and I'll give you more details.
Hey! Your stuff is really amazing, and as a beginner artist I really hope I can come close to your level. I was just wondering if you know any particular sites that I can use to better my skills? My best work can be seen as mediocre (below av. if not average) and I really want to be good enough so I can start working on a game.
I go to pixeljoint, find a character/mockup design I like and copy the style and theme:
1st I recreate the object, than I use the style and technique but a diferent shape, evrytime changing shading/lightsource. when I'm happy with the results I mkae a final piece without looking at the reference, after that its just the more you do the better handling you get.
Have been trying to get in touch. Still around?
It's hard to be online if you delete my msn from your contact list and block it.
Huh? You're not blocked or deleted on my MSN.
I'm online right now and I'll be signed in for the night. ([email protected])
Unsure if you still check this, but I'd really like to get in contact and haven't been able to. Would like for you to carry out pixel art commissions for me, if you're up for earning some cash.

Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected].
Heya Tor, long time no talk. Since msn got merged with skype I stopped using my account and only use my skype one so I don't have a way to contact you anymore. If you see this, send me a page so we could talk again :)