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okay so I been fooling with windows and mouse stuff.
I created an inventory panel and an inventory window. I get how to open and close the window.

How do I show the inventory in the inventory window?

all tips welcome point me in the right direction.
what procs and functions can help me?
If you have controls in the window, they will appear when you show the window. If you need a more detailed answer, you will have to be more specific.
all i have in the window is a button for closeing the window an a label for inventory title. What control I use to show my inventory in the window? Is it away to look at what each one does?
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You can use a grid, and send the items in your inventory list to the grid. You can use a stat control (Which I don't recommend). You can use a browser, if that's your thing.

The best way to see what each thing does is to experiment with them and read the Skin Reference to see what you can modify.