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Descriptive Problem Summary:

Whenever I try to open the beta branch of BYOND, I get stuck on "Loading game information". I've tried downloading the stable branch, which works fine, and then switching to beta (it gets stuck at 100% when it finishes installing and tries to load) to no effect.

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:

1. Install BYOND
2. Try to launch it
3. Get stuck indefinetely waiting for it to finish loading.

Code Snippet (if applicable) to Reproduce Problem:

Expected Results:
Byond hub should load properly.

Actual Results:
Nothing. Wont go further than "Loading game information"

Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often? Everytime
In other games? N/A
In other user accounts? N/A
On other computers? Only on my laptop

When does the problem NOT occur?
Did the problem NOT occur in any earlier versions? If so, what was the last version that worked? (Visit to download old versions for testing.)
Same issue occured on 512
Best response
Are you using a Japanese locale?
No, not at all.
Sorry for the late response.
You might want to check the permissions in BYOND's user data directory.

Also, if the folder is mounted in OneDrive for any reason, you need to remove it from OneDrive or switch to using a user data directory in a path OneDrive doesn't use.
I have this same problem I have tried running it as admin still same thing

downgrading to the stable version on the download page works
back again after a long while since I kind of gave up but im gonna try again.

I checked the permission of my user data directory and its all clear. Nothing's set to read-only and what not and I'm not storing anything on OneDrive.

The stable version of Byond works but every ss13 server requries the 513 version of Byond so no bueno.

Any help would be appreciated
What is your user data directory set to? I.e., what's the full path? Are there any special characters in it? The only difference I could imagine you having between 512 and 513 is because of accented characters, but if anything 513 ought to handle that better. If it isn't handling that, I need to know about it before it's the new stable release.
I need information right away or I can't help you. 513 is on track to be the new stable release very soon, so unless I can look into your issue and fix it soon you'll be out of luck. Please get back to me.
for the user directory
In response to Carbadox
Um... you're running on the admin account? That's generally considered a very bad idea. It sounds likely that you're probably running into some weird permission issue, although I can't really explain why 512 would work but 513 not, unless something odd like VirtualStore was in play.

At a minimum I would suggest moving all your BYOND user data to a different directory by using the 512 pager to do so. Maybe something like C:\BYOND, but as a normal folder instead of one specifically set aside for admin.
I moved the user directory as well as the data files all to C:/BYOND just to be sure and the issue still persists
With character encoding off the table, I think the only issue left is that you may have another program interfering. I believe Process Explorer can get some logs on the startup process. I'm curious what it shows.

Actually I think I'm thinking of Process Monitor.
Do you reccomend any guide I should reference? I've never used proccess monitor before.
I would suggest just running it and then starting up the pager, and either posting or sending me the log. It should log all the things that the program does as far as file and registry access, which should help indicate where things are going wrong.
starting up proccess monitor gives me "unable to load process monitor device driver" and won't let me capture events
Can you provide a full rundown of all the software running on the system (use the Details tab in task manager) including all antivirus and security software? If Process Monitor won't start that's a potentially bad sign.
Iím having this same issue, and have tried some of the stuff seen in other forum posts

So heres what Ive got so far
1:My OS is Windows 7, not using IE computer is an acer laptop
2:Antivirus cant find anything running or stopping Byond from working
3:Found hosts file and theres at theres one for thats at
4:byond.exe is not using any cpu.
5:Local hub file is 38kb.
6:Canít delete the local hub.shm and wal files while thing is running. They get rid of themselves after Byond closes. Changing pending results. After changing the name, the size is now at 34kb.
7:testing deleting the pager doc now,launching Byond created a new folder and am waiting for it to run now.

The path that I have to it as well is
Ive tried moving the Byond folder around but it always seems to create itself in the documents folder.

I also see the thing about using Japanese local? Iím not sure how I would find this information but I dont think Iím using that either.

If anyone has any Ideas of what I should do please let me know!
im on windows 7 so i dont know if this is the exact thing youre looking for
that's all the proccesses listed
In response to Carbadox
Ah Ill take a look at that thanks!
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