Just Chatting - Skip to tutorial if you don't care

When it used to come to dealing with WINE (Wine Is Not An Emulator), it wasn't the most easiest thing to set up. You had to deal with installing it through the terminal, and it intimidated everyone new to Linux. But over the years, WINE has developed into easier steps. WINE is so easy to install nowadays because it has better package management.

Now WINE could always be installed through application stores in the past, but it would be very old versions that were severly outdated, so the only methods was going step by step in a terminal copy and paste montage.

But WINE isn't really used for gaming anymore as much as Valve's proton layer which has more exprienced, paid programmers which release more fixes for games than WINE.

In addition, older versions of WINE in the application center is no longer an issue for most programs you'd like to run on Linux. The stable version is updated through the software center regularly, anytime there's a new stable release. And it will show up as an update through your OS's update manager.

In this tutorial, I wanted to show the easiest way to install WINE, and to use winetricks along with installing BYOND with using the terminal only once.

Installing WINE

1.0 Note: You may need to install cabextract first.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cabextract

1.1 Any Ubuntu distro has an application store where you can search the app you want to install, and install with a click of a button as if on a phone or on the disgusting Windows operating system.

So search up WINE and install.

2. Next download winetricks: master/src/winetricks (You may need to right click and save as to download).

3. Open the folder where you downloaded winetricks into, then right click > open in terminal so you can type in this code:

sh winetricks ie8

install and you're done.

No need to make a 32bit prefix for WINE anymore as ie8 can now be install on a normal wine prefix