The plan this week was to get a new release out early, but the docking stuff I've been working on for the map editor was understandably complex, and I've had to make multiple revisions along the way as I got more and more of it hooked up.

Right now that part of the project is coming along very well though, and I have the most of the basics in place: splitters, a layout mode where you can drag segments around, and toggles for the world preview and properties pane. What I don't have are persistence or copying the layout from window to window, and the showing/hiding needs work. I'll probably work more on this over the weekend because when I'm deep in a project it's easier to just keep at it.

But, a number of bugs are still awaiting attention and need to be looked at as early as possible, so once I'm done with the map foo I'm gonna turn hard in that direction to bang out whatever issues I can, and get a new release out.

A new discussion has started on BYONDiscord, where we kind of have a very unofficial feature request area for discussing specific ideas, about compiler pragmas. That's something I've wanted to add for a while so I've been collecting ideas on that, with the intention of working that stuff into the language.

Again I want to thank all the BYOND Members and supporters on various donation platforms who keep the lights on and all this development humming. Your contributions are vital to this work and I'm grateful for all of you.

We're rounding out January now, and you know what that means: Next week an animal predicts the weather, and Bill Murray gets caught in a time loop. There may or may not be cookies.
Keep up the good work, Lum! Iím excited to get my hands on the new map editor stuff!