Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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When working with large projects, the majority of compile time is taken up purely by dream maker rebuilding the object tree, even if this isn't strictly needed at the time. While you can bypass this by just compiling via dm.exe, it'd be nice if an option was added in dream maker, similar to clean compile.

Any possible map issues this could cause can be fixed by just adding a new variable to the .int file that would store the last time the object tree was generated. And requiring the object tree to be remade if the last compile time is after the last object tree build when loading a map.
I'm pretty sure I've made this feature request before.

one thing i can tell you, is that once it hits this step, you can hit start in a seperate DD window that was ready. you don't have to wait for object tree generation to start the code, the file locks have all been released at this point.

This doesn't help compile and run or compile and host uses, but it does help the case where you already had dreamdaemon open and pointing at the code from the previous test and just need a quick compile
I requested this as far back as 2002, getting dm.exe was a nice compromise, but I still mention it to Lummox every time he's working on the IDE.