Applies to:BYOND Pager
Status: Open

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The description of the server, especially if you use non-Latin characters, goes beyond the limits that are allowed to be displayed in the BYOND Hub, for example:

"Hello World" = 11 characters (bytes)

"Привет мир" (Hello world in Russian without the use of encoding utf-8, the usual Cyrillic input) = not 10 characters (bytes) but already 20 characters (bytes)

"Привет мир" ("Hello World" in Russian using encoding utf-8 which is displayed correctly in BYOND Hub) = 52 characters (bytes).

I used an automatic language translator so sorry in advance for possible errors.
UwU base fundament
Za pravdu!

Definitely needs to fix this.
Хороший пос&tcy ;. Определен но стоит заф& icy;ксить.

yes yes this is very useful and this needs to be fixed and uh this can lead to unforeseen circumstances (help keep me in the basement and force me to support it post)
I've looked into this but unfortunately it's very non-trivial to implement.
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