When I open the a monitor to view things, it opens as it should but when I select a camera to view from it doesn't load or just loads one square in the bottom right corner.
This sounds like an issue with whatever SS13 codebase you're playing on. It's nothing I can investigate.
we use secondary map controls for camera viewing so it could be an issue with that. /tg/ recently sent a call out for players to test the byond beta.

this could be related to the bottom/top bug already reported.
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okay thank you. I am on tg.
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I am using the beta and im on tg, so its probably that. thanks for the reply.
If there ends up being a bug with secondary map controls, please post a bug report with a test case and I'll be happy to take a look. I'd like to fix any issue of that sort before 515 moves to the stable channel, because it's nearly there.
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Can you confirm if the bug still happens on 515.1623?
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yes, it still does not work on 515.1623 I just tried this very round...