hi again?
ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!! Not really but whats been up Richy?
havnt seen you on dragon i heard ya quit?

nm halo just got classes is all
Hola, Senor.

Como Estas!?
yo si o.o

esta muy bien y tu?
sup Dragon, Heart, and rich. ima be on the forums from time to time just to let u know
richy can u plz stars ur game like thingy plz!!!!!!!!
F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for uranium....BOMBS!
N is for no survivors when you...
*sits on Richy's head*
i think you are the only one who host his own game, lol
sup rich
thats cuz no one else can xD
XD r u guna end u popenin that game of urs anytime soon?
hi richy221 um.... can u start up ur new game it looks so kwl =)
it doesnt look cool, it is o.O
soon as i get host files working then people will be able to host rawr
ok Host files should be working ver 1.8 is now available to play o.o
same message as before except now its version 2.0

Note: Looking for ideas to add into the game
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