Use my link from my post Marth! it's a file front post and it works!
aww shit now mine's not working either
try media fire i might start using that soon anyway
New deadline for contest since FF was being gay will be April 10th
Hey richy its me Crystal :D
which crystal? o.o
we have to play l4d at least once lol
i dont have the dam thing u call an xbox xD i dont even have it for pc >.> unless u can give it to me somehow than we cant xD
then start downloading it lol
how >.> i dunno how

ya it did but ur never on >.< btw can u find me the call of duty 5 world at war one? o.o
Richy plz put beta back online you only did it once do it later tommorow
richy when do you have REO beta online? so badly wanna play it!
try to find a hoster cuz i wont be able to host all the time
yeah um i hate corey
srry guys but the host files are now working for REOB so go check it out
Richy Why Is U Never Online That Much Its Boring Without U o_o
maybe cuz when im on u are sleeping and when ur on im sleeping lol >.>
you know we cant play together re5, i have to play with you at 22.00+ here, and i think its 16.00 there or not?? lol

also, when we played it was AWEsome lol
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