Star Wars Evolution

by Evolution Gaming
An Original Star Wars Game With Many Great Features.
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Hey fans, this is Fat Albert speaking. My Star Wars source code was lost and now is being recovered. This game is absolutely great, this game is meant for pvp, and teamwork. There are many planets which you can travel by bumping into the terminals. It has easy quick leveling, You are able to ride super fast speeders or pod racers. Learn a great collection of skills, and fight some of the most vicious creatures in the galaxy. Help me make this game popular again, invite friends. And report bugs, glitches, and possible reasons for lag, and crashing. Thanks guys. And May The Force Be With You.
how come hardly any 1 plays this game its awsome but cause some things are still under construction i give this game a 7/10
I agree, the game is nice, very nice. The presentation is superb and has nice pixel art. I hope the game gets more people because the game feels good and hopefully the devs will work on it more, it has potential!
This game has the potential to be very good, the only problem at the moment may be clipping or trails where NPC's move.
I wonder if there are any other world than tatooine. It would be cool if there is any. Please reply if you guys have the answer.

You guys don't answer most of the questions do you guys. Please see my last comment and answer.

Narukage wrote:
You guys don't answer most of the questions do you guys. Please see my last comment and answer.

there is

How do you go to a different planet? Please guys answer my question. What planets can you go to? If you guys know please reply. This game is awesome. Just needs more people. Please answer if it costs any money to go to the planet. Do you just do that trainin stuff? Sorry for so many questions. Please dont take to long to answer my question.
You can go to other planets by bumping into a green terminal near the starting Big Spaceship.
Fat Albert host halo will ya
the older version of the game was much better everything was basiclly done wat did they do
:P fun game -_- to bad im only lvl 5 XD but still it pwn
u guys r fags
how you put your weapons away ??? because my light saber wont go back
my light saber now wont apear O.o
only the flash thing lol
how i go into my invintory
it says 2games 0 player but i cant play???
well im thinking of starting a perm sever but i wish it was back to how it was before
Epic game, if anyone host it for real (Because almost all the server wipe all days) I'll be glad to play it.
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