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Problem description:
Okay.. Its been like 3 years since I touched my interface & I forgot everything about it. I want to make it so all my battle text is in one output log/panel, and the OOC/say/Guild Chat/Whisper/Administrator chat is in its own seperate output log/panel
I believe you're looking for something like this.

world << output("Your battle text.", "battleoutput")
world << output("Your OOC text.", "oocoutput")

In this case, battleoutput and oocoutput are the names of your outputs, or rather their ID as the interface calls it. It's also worth noting that you can make one be your default output, and all text will go to it unless you specifically specify a different output ID to send the text to.

It makes it much easier to do that, at least for me. Just make sure to remember your ID's, and what is sent where.
Yes, yes, yes!! Thats it! Thank you <3 I knew I could leave the one as defualt, I figured there was a code to specify the other ID. :)
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You're very welcome. I'm always happy to help whenever I can.

Lummox JR actually has an interface tutorial out that teaches this in one of the lessons, but I don't think many people find it when they actually need it so could you please vote up my response so other developers might have better luck finding this if and when they need it? If so, thank you in advance.
Voted, Indeed.