by Jittai
A survival game that takes place in an archipelago with other people in the struggle to live.

Core Features

- Drag and Drop Combination System
- Easy to learn game play
- Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue System
- Weather System
- Day/Night System
- Multitude of Skills
- Simple yet effective Tribe-System

Game Play

This is a RPG basing your character's life on his/her hunger, thirst, fatigue and health. As time goes on you will have to use what is around you to live, survive, and thrive.

Inspiration and Credits

Whilst looking for a fun game on Byond I stumbled across Archipelago - which reminded me of a freeware german game named Schiffbruch (as it turned out archipelago's maker was inspired by Schiffbruch). Finding out archipelago was left in such an unfinished state I was inspired to fill the void. Taking ideas from both those related sources I set out to make my own tropical-survival game. After a few weeks of development someone suggested a non-Byond related game called Stranded (I was disappointed that the name I came up with wasn't as 'unused' as I thought.) As it turned out Stranded was also a survival game inspired by Schiffbruch. After finding all these games I tried to pull together what makes each one great and throw in my own spin.

- Halcyon222 for making Archipelago.
- Stranded-3D's site for having good taste in names and being an awesome game.

- D4RK354B3R for an awesome lighting system available only Here.
- Shadowdarke for sd_procs.
- F0lak for providing some useful coding advice.
- Magnum2k for assisting with coding.
- Iggeh/Igor for some voice acting.
- Various free sound-libraries on the net (especially SoundBible)

Additional credit for not only my inspiration but also some ideas goes not only to Schiffbruch, Archipelago and Stranded but also the various players of my game - as well as Google for making it really easy to research tropical related topics!

Copyright 2005-2008 Jittai. All rights reserved.
There needs to be a better guide :L
I don't know how to do a camp fire but its a good game
We need a 24 hour server, tired of having to remake when i new host comes on or when i cant even get on because hosts dont open their ports
we need a forum
Been busy lately but I'm reworking the save system to use BYOND's high scores to save skills and load them on any server.
i cant figure out how to build a important sutff like fire
2 flints and secondly does a guide exist? and lastly, WHEN IS THE GAME COMING UP?
And, uhhhhh, ho do you get flint?
All I currently know how to make is a spear and a knife :(
@Iceman, using Google can answer a lot of question, and ask around if your on a hosted game.

@Xaviar,Yes a "guide" exists but only game play mechanics, if you mean a combination guide I'm not providing one. Also, still working on the update.

@Bronimin, Sand provides flint.
sweet i for a second thought this game was ddone for lol anyway i'm waiting in suspense lol and secondly i can make a hammer and a club bat cant make a axe or andything important
myne ran smoothly....
In this game, you cannot complete anything. for example Make a Goddamn fire > IT RAINS.
Go swimming > ohwait leeches and jellyfish will fuck you.
Cut down a tree > OH FUCK YOU NEED AN AXE
Axes exist. If you made a pick-axe try reversing the order in which you drag-n-drop the ingredients.
Jittai wrote:
Axes exist. If you made a pick-axe try reversing the order in which you drag-n-drop the ingredients.

Hm, this game has a lot of potential, and I guess the point of surviving is to figure shit out yourself? I'll try it.
I'm aware the current version is rather buggy - (blatantly so) with the "1" test message being accidentally left in. (its caused by mining btw) - Just be patient for the update.

If it helps I'm like 80% done with the update and I've taken into consideration how hard it is to blindly guess combinations.

So, he new combination system not only ignores order of ingredients but also quantity; so if something needs 5 of an item but you only put in 1 it will show 1/5.
I have another question, do clothes exist on this game? If so, how in the hell do you make them?
You need a needle. The materials that can be used to make clothes includes thread, soft leather and hard leather.
Niz is a raging bastard he came on "his" server talking shit got told and banned people. Someone else host
hemad i banned him for being a total douche, along with some other douche that's going to report.
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