by IainPeregrine
An IRC styled chat program.
For god sake, another chat...
In response to Eternal_Memories
To be fair, this particular one has been around for three years now. Its other hub was unable to be submitted though because the account tied to it doesn't have a membership, so Iain just moved it to his key that does.

That and I can guarantee this chat has a lot more going for it than all the rest.
Lol @ EM.

Also this chat program used to have an AFK RPG but when I logged in I forgot how to access it.
The older hub is avaliable at
As I understand it, the point of Ceres/Artemis isn't to just be a chatroom, and never was - it's been around for three years or so - it's a communication hub, so you can link a bunch of worlds together to have a common chat channel between them.

I may be remembering wrong.
In response to Deathguard
That's right. That is what made Artemis. Inter-world communication on BYOND isn't too hard to do, but it's probably the most rarely used feature.
Well that's interesting. Any current things that do this?
Gakumerasara has his Terulia Relay Chat system which achieves inter-world communication, although in a different format. ...And his system actually works consistently, something the last several version of Artemis had problems with.