Unholy Sagas is going to be released as a small PVP, Which will then be followed by major updates for the actual game. Saga's, Quest's, NPC's, Items, Attacks, & More.

I have come in contact with the Pixel artist again. We plan on getting even more done for the game graphic wise. Already have more features in mind.

I have actually restarted on the source, once again. This is just to get everything solid once again. Before I tried to just code everything all at once. This time I am just gonna get the simple stuff down such as Races, Techs, Trans, & Death. That way we can release as the small PVP.

I got Fatevamp to help me with NPC's for filler and Quests, that will help fill the game form the beginning. I have another coder in mind to help with certain implementations, Weither or not he will help is not certain. If not I got other people. As for mapping, it will be done along the way by the Pixel Artist and myself.

Good day!