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Fairy Tail

Alpha Tester

Played the game in Early Stages.

Earned on Feb 6 2014, 4:59 am

Guild Master

Become A Guild Master

Earned on Feb 10 2014, 1:25 am


Bleach: World-Wide Adventures

Bleed Out

Survive until hitting 200 wounds

Earned on Oct 11 2013, 4:29 am


Reach 100 wounds directly when being hit

Earned on Oct 14 2013, 1:40 pm

Highway to Heaven

You have reached level 500

Earned on Oct 15 2013, 12:33 am

Pimp Slapped

You have been killed by a GM

Earned on Oct 15 2013, 9:58 am

There can only be one!

Kill 50 npcs of each race and 10 players while in rage

Earned on Oct 17 2013, 2:40 am

Lost Soul

Get killed 200 Times

Earned on Oct 18 2013, 2:18 pm

Espada Killer

You have killed all the espadas

Earned on Oct 19 2013, 12:43 pm


Heroes United

Been There, Done That

Login to the Game

Earned on Oct 1 2013, 4:54 am


Bleach: Hollow Flash


Create a character

Earned on Aug 4 2013, 10:34 am

Gave In

Go into the dark

Earned on Aug 4 2013, 10:34 am


Find the light

Earned on Jan 6 2014, 1:55 pm

Final Fight

Sound Ninja

You have started out as a Sound Ninja.

Earned on Aug 2 2013, 9:09 am


Activate Sharingan for the first time!

Earned on Oct 2 2013, 11:01 am

Leaf Ninja

You have started out as a Leaf Ninja.

Earned on Feb 5 2014, 1:01 am

Rock Ninja

You have started out as a Rock Ninja.

Earned on Feb 5 2014, 2:51 am


Sword Art Online

You got Nerve.

You put on the Nervegear and enter SAO!

Earned on Jul 26 2013, 11:19 am