by Acebloke
[AMT] Join the war or build a city
So its a new year, and BYOND is moving in a new direction. Coincidently, so is Wargames. Although I've briefly announced it elsewhere, and is already set-up in-game and around the hub and (soon to be defunct) blog; its about time I released information on the future of the Wargames series.

Wargames has now been around for longer than 6 years, and for around 4 of them there has been a Wargames subscription service for those that want extra features. When I released Wargames 2, I doubled the price and set subscriptions as a double pack.

Now I'm going to reverse that and allow separate purchases; although going for both will still be cheaper. In addition, the 'complete' pack is a new replacement for the double pack which will include both Wargames 1 and Wargames 2 as well as some beta access to potential new sequels. These betas should be available over time for all those who take up the complete pack soon. I'll mention more about it after the new BYOND transition.

If you are a current Wargames Subscriber, you are already set for the complete pack and any remaining subscriptions will continue under this pack. If you are a GBP payer then the price is the same, if you want to continue paying 5 a year you won't lose out on any features and still get the beta access. If you are a USD$ payer then you might wish to cancel your current subscription and restart it in the newer lower price of $9*.

You can view a full list of prices including a lifetime offer of 14 / $25 by going to the related page:

United Kingdom or United States / Worldwide

You can also view this in-game using the Subscription button/menu there.

As for the main game itself, I updated it recently with a potential fix to the crash problem. I believe I have either nailed it completely or at least know where the problem lies in the event it happens again. Thanks to everyone involved in tracking it down. In addition to that, I've added new bombs to include bunker busters specifically designed for missile silos (now immune to nukes and regular missiles) to make Nuclear stockpiling more easier.

In addition, I've finally made the host options easier to deal with by making it an interface. I'm trying to eradicate my overuse of text boxes and output box text for things that can go else where; which makes the game far more tidier and presentable.

Wargames will continue to see updates and hosting in 2012, and will also be updating Wargames 2 in the near future. For those that now have the complete pack or those who subscribe in 2012; the first playable beta should start being released sometime this week.

* Fix: Video Tutorial button now follows interface colours.
* Fix: Minor bug, A Space Odyssey Medal added last version wouldn't count as a medal when logging in.
* Fix: Upgrade Science Equipment was working the wrong way round.
* Fix: The Americas region fighter units were not showing the proper icons on MoW, fixed.
* Fix: Conventional Weapons can no longer remove radiation.
* Fix: Attempted fix of server crash which keeps running but doesn't let players do anything.
* Change: Improved the balancing of alliance games to be more reflective of the total number of players.
* Change: Changed the mentions of Subscribing to include an in-game short list of features and methods of paying in-game.
* Change: Missile Silos can no longer be destroyed by nukes and conventional missiles.
* Change: Slight modification to the way nukes are bought and handled. Makes it easier for modification later.
* Change: Your vision in Station spy now follows your satellite and tells you where you are when switching maps.
* Change: Polished the game a bit by preventing players from zooming and moving during bits they aren't supposed to.
* Change: A sweet change for hosts, host options for server is now interface instead of HUD/pure windows. Its much the same before but looks prettier and easier to change.
* Change: Made Anti-Tank dogs do something.
* New: Bunker buster bombs. These are low-radius conventional missiles capable of taking out silos. Will probably be used for other underground buildings later too.
* 3 New Medals: In your Face. Find a face on the Moon. Alternative Vote + Proportional Representation, stockpile 60 / 300 Nuclear Weapons.

* In general, the US prices are less than their old equivalent due to the changes in currency conversion in the last few years.