by Madcrackfiend
Alpha Version 27 FEB 2012
[Update 27 FEB 2012]

Production has begun again in earnest. Complete redesign from the ground up. Expect big things, but not in any kind of hurry. I'll be keeping everyone posted on the progress of things.

Sorry for the short update, but now you know.

Until the next time.

[Update 28 FEB 2012]

I now have the ability to host the new game, so that means live testing and updates in the future.

As far as features that are currently in:
Rudimentary NPC AI.
Very basic character handling.
The beginnings of a User Interface.

More to come.

[End Update]

We will celebrate nine years on August 24th 2012.
I'm gonna take down the server for the time being. I have no problem hosting but it needs a lot of fixes and help files when they log in. By the way some people don't know what center is so maybe putting in that you need num-lock off and hit 5. Anyways when its a bit more polished I will be more than happy to host. Just with it in its current condition players will judge it and might not log in again. Email me the update and we will go from there.
You should make a forum.
Tetsuya wrote:
You should make a forum.

I have one located here.

yeah i hate BYONDs default forums lol