Space Destroyer

by Iocamus
Defend yourself from the incoming meteors!
A game where you play a space ship defending yourself against the many incoming meteors, do you have the reflexes to do so?
My Cartridge Classic II Submission.
Mashing left/up and right/up back and forth is so much fun. I just wish you could pres northeast and northwest to do it even easier. Aww, they just move your ship diagonally instead.
Good game. I wonder how long people will play one round before getting bored :\
-was making this to be simplistic- If you want some super complex meteor shooting game feel free to make one yourself ;) But yah I do gotta fix that diagonal bug...I did a stupid approach and simply used the arrow key macros.
I'm pretty sure it isn't complex to make the 2-button controls work simultaneously. Especially not after Iain released his KeyState library. I'm not sure how many buttons can come with these "cartridge classic" gamepads.
There's absolutely nothing complicated about two buttons working as they should :) and you can keep the awesome graphics.

Also, it'd be nicer to see the score on the screen rather than this magical interface with ultra high definition text.