Shaman King: Furyoku Rage

by Enforcer8
Shaman King: Furyoku Rage
An rp game based on the tournament to become Shaman King!
Shaman King RP game based on the anime. Game is now semi-playable and is being hosted every once in a while for bug tests and such. If you'd like to apply to host, check the forums. There is also a place in the forums to apply to be an Admin and to give ideas for game improvement. Game was coded 'entirely' from a blank environment.

Map will be first to be updated followed by new selectable/playable races.
Shaman King: Furyoku Rage will be updated frequently (If possible) and many new skills and races are to be added soon. Coders are already in the process of updating and improving. Thanks for playing.

A Team-Uprising Productions:
Enforcer8: Game Owner/Coder
Yusuke13: Head of: Coding/Mapping/Programming

(Currently unable to work)
Eponick: Coder (MIA)
Mr.Smallz: Iconer (MIA)
Can't wait bro
If it wasn't for the fact that you just started I would be so happy...just finish I beg of you!
Yogripper wrote:
If it wasn't for the fact that you just started I would be so happy...just finish I beg of you!

I'ma trying, working as fast as I can!
It's coming along nicely. Should release shortly.
Well thats not true, its not been up for ages. . .
come on when this game will be ready???
I really want to play this game!!
Stephen (Enforcer8) lost the source. If we continue it, we'll have to start over again.

If any of you guys can do icons, speak up!
Guys, I totally just found the source for the game, gonna send it to Kia for... stuff.
Hey whats up ^_^ come check out my Shaman king game site, may be we can help each other code. i had the idea that since thre isn't alot of shaman king games on byond and like only 4 to 5 in the making we all can come together?

games is currently being mapped, need icons for buildings, got original base icons and spirits that aren't ripped from other byond games, actually took time to rip them from the Gba games then icon a nice mix of my work into them ^_^ send me a message on msn: [email protected] or byond pager: Leronx2
... I hate how this never got finished.
We're still working on it, slowly. Currently looking into pixel artists and i'm redoing the basics of the source code. We'll keep everyone posted.
Oh thank god!!

when is it coming