Bleach Unlimited

by Enigma11

We are back. And working on updates. The game will be bigger and better than ever. Expect to see all of you in game.

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The Awesome Anime Game Bleach Unlimited is back, and updating more frequently than ever.


Owners: Enigma11, ZintharemEmpire, The Magical Jae
Coders: Enigma11, Incity, ZintharemEmpire, The Magical Jae
Icon Artists: Enigma11, ZintharemEmpire.
Map Artists: Enigma11, ZintharemEmpire.
SFX Engineer: Tyson1
A -big- thanks to:
Henitari, Byakuya, Rukia, Batt, and Naru.

1. Don't Spam. Spamming is considered saying the same thing more than twice. Punishments: Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Mute > Boot > Ban

2. Don't Spam Kill. Spam killing is where you kill someone more than twice in ten seconds. Punishments: Warning > Boot > One Week Ban > PermaBan

3. If A Staff Member Is Helping Someone, Do Not Interrupt Them. This means don't kill them or the person they're helping, or spam the OOC trying to get their attention. If they're not answering, wait or ask someone else. Punishments: Warning > Boot

4. Use Common Sense. If it seems like you shouldn't be doing it, don't do it. Punishments: Depends on the crime.

5. Don't EZ Train, AFK Train, Or Train Unattentively. If you are training using any other method than your finger on a key, then it's illegal. Furthermore, if you are training without actually paying attention to the game (IE you have it out of the way completely so you can watch a movie on your computer, etc), it is also illegal. If you are punished and feel it was unfair, come to the forums and you may challenge it. Do NOT, under any circumstances spam up the OOC or flame the Staff about it. This will only result in further punishment. Punishments: Boot with Wipe > One Week Ban with Wipe > PermaBan with Wipe

6. No Mature Things. This means no porn or hentai. At the Staff's discretion, they may also put a limit on mature conversations on the OOC. Punishments: (For Mature Images and Videos) Mute > Boot > PermaBan (For Mature Conversations) Warning > Mute > Boot+Mute > One Week Ban > PermaBan

7. No Excessive Profanity. Don't cuss every other word. Simple as that. Punishments: Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Mute > Boot > 24 Hour Ban > PermaBan

8. No Mute Or Ban Avoiding. There is no such thing as a key mute/ban. Still, don't avoid a mute or a ban. Punishments: (For Mute Avoiding) Warning/Boot > One Week Ban > PermaBan (For Ban Avoiding) PermaBan

9. Don't CAP. If your entire message (or most of it) is in caps, you've violated the rules. Punishments: Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Mute > Boot > 24 Hour Ban > PermaBan

10. Do not Abuse bugs. Let a staff member know so it can get fixed!

11. Don't Ask For Reqs. If requirements are considered "hidden", then do not ask for them. Also, don't tell anyone else reqs. If they are labeled as Hidden on the forum, DONT ASK Punishments: (Asking) Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Mute > Boot (For Telling) Warning > Boot > 24 Hour Ban > PermaBan

12. Do Not Use Full Caps or Any Characters that are not numbers or letters. Punishments: Rename > Forced rename of Admins' choice

13. Don't falsly accuse staff members of abusing their power. Provide proof of abuse. Punishments: Ban

14. Follow Any Additional Rules Set Up By Staff. Punishments: Depends on the crime.

99. Just because it is not hear does not mean a staff member can not tell you to stop. If you do not stop they have right to punish as they see fit.

9001. Don't be a cunt.

GM/Admin rules:

1. Do not abuse. Punishments: Warning > Demotion
This is a great game from my past this was my very FIRST bleach game i played on here and love it to this day keep it alive ill return time after time 8D!
I guess you earned it somehow. we dont go randomly banning people.
Why you talkin like a gangsta nigguh?
lol @ Desolatlon's life.
indeed. in my years of GMing I dont remember that key of his. damn random nonsense sprouting nubs sometime. why are you trying to ruin a perfectly nice game? failtry
Hi can anyone tell me why i cant join ?
begging for GM will not get you GM it will just prove how unworthy you are of it and i myself am not a GM but i play the game not beg for GM
Still got black screen...
hmm so they put in the new updates or is it just your computer ill check real quick on my other key if i cant get on then they messed up somewere becaue ive played here before
@Dansanct,Ryuzik GMs dont ban for no reason even if you tick them off, One of my friends was making fun of a GMs Gf and didnt get banned,
I don't care how good your game is. Teach your players not to go onto another game and spam it...
as a staff member, Im the one who has to do the cleanup. so YOU teach your members not to spam other games. that way our members wont spam you back and I dont have to clean up the mess they made.
why cant i play wtf, every time i click it doesnt load delete or create new character so what gives i wanna play
Did you know u can play on the ipoho
it holds most of its icons since it was released. wich is like 5-6 YEARS ago. its far from a rip. if I remember correctly, BU was the 3rd original bleach game on byond. your just trying to make us look bad.
this is not the same game as before
Whatever happend to the great games like los noches
corruption my friend including abusive gms who did what ever they wanted and rude players
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