Dragon Ball Legacy

by Eldin
Dragon Ball Legacy
A game which is a tribute to original db series
This is such a buggy game, why would anyone waste time playing it when eventually your character will be frozen/bugged/etc. and the mods won't do anything to help? Eldin does nothing when you complain.
Lel look at you acting like this is the only game on byond that has bugs

Note: Most of the bugs you mentioned can easily be fixed by either 1, relogging or 2, going to mister fix me tab
I've been on BYOND since 2002, and I haven't seen many this buggy, and usually the mods are more responsive...and no, the Mister fix me tab did not fix my issues.
yo, i've been trying to log back in for days. connection immediately fails every time. any idea what might be wrong?
In response to Evveon
I tried to contant you on byond pager for past 4 days, nobody else is experiencing this problem, the game is online all the time, could you login to byond and msg me back ?
Maybe we can fix this issue,

Kind Regards
It might be the port that the server is on since I have had players when I host that could not log on until I changed the port
Exactly my point. This game is the worst. Kids can't even connect to play.
You need to stop looking for any reason to make this game look bad

The connection issue isn't a problem with the game its a problem with the person who is trying to connect
This is a great memory for me back in 2013 to 2014, IGN was Hisharu, and the game now is even better.

From my experience playing this, its canon to the Dragonball Z to super storyline for the most part and the depth of every race design and there perks and passives are just amazing.
I'll always be a Saiyan fanboy, but I gotta say, the work put into this game is greatly appreciated to Eldin and the previous people who worked on the original game. The updates in my opinion are so much better now than before. Rebirth, Passives, Rune stones to boost your characters stats. Love it.
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