Pokemon Phantom Reborn

by Aceraptor
The second game in the Pokemon Phantom Generation.
Man DraX Needs to get his ass back here cus this need to be back up >.>
Wish it had actual attacks, otherwise i'd play. Looks good though, nice game.
It's good to finally have Dr.DraX back and hosting again!!
I think this is now one of my favorite games............Atleast until Pokemon Black Storm comes up in the Summer......Until then this is my FAVORITE GAME!!! Thanks for making an awsome game aceraptor!!
Haha you're welcome
Hey ace,I won't be back to byond until June.
Aww damn alright man
Possibly I'll be back late April/beginning May.
Okay This game should be top on BYOND with it's awesome features. But the Zubat bug has to go!!
People attacking the game's staff only happens because you have WAY too many despite the playersize, and except for like 4 of you...they sit there insulting or ignoring the players all day. That's all. xD

Also there was that discussion about "We're gonna need more orgs since all the gymleaders/etc will end up filled by staff". There's two entirely different ways to remedy that...xD
@ Dr.DraX and PhantomKurei

I've taken steps to insure that this doesn't happen anymore. I'm sorry for any grief that the players, AND/OR, admins have given you.

As for the GL problem, players are often then GLs now a days.
I could also make custom organizations for you, as could a few other people.

xD I have no problem with any specific, I'm just saying it's actually silly to add more ranks. If anything, a good move would be to reduce the ranks by turning Gyms to NPC Trainers.

Personally get bored quick when all my pokes are lv300 easily and nobody's in teams to really participate in team wars xD Rangers had NO members, only people who wanted to steal my position, for instance.

Just think something needs to be done to keep players long-term. Post earlier was in response to DraX's thing about players coming on and insulting staff. xD
You had me at "Kanye West".
:/ sigh now whats wrong, need a back up server :/
Updated yesterday and today
In my top 5 pokemon favorite games on BYOND ^^

Head Admin:Snow Pirate,Dbztoy
Game Moderators:

Pixel Artists:Dr.DraX, Snow Pirate
Hub Graphics: Victorawesome78
Hosts : Dr.DraX [Main]
Event Managers: Aceraptor and DraX

The staff should be like this nice and small like the one on the facebook page.
yeah well the staff made some major changes
damn this is boring without PPR
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