Pokemon Phantom Reborn

by Aceraptor
The second game in the Pokemon Phantom Generation.
In response to Dr.DraX
Dr.DraX wrote:
What is the raptor mafia?

Raptor mafia is what we call the people who work/ed with Ace.
Although it was started when after Ace had called me his new right hand man (I know xD).

Should make a godfather game then it would be amazing xD.
Cart12 wrote:

I make people rage. >_>
Hehe, I'm in Mafia *-*
Of course Dooney
I am stepping out of the "mafia" so you can hand your projects to me.
You can't step out without losing one of your balls. Blood, Sweat and Tears are what builds a family.

Now cry.
Who wants to know what I find weird? In this world you call reality.

Here is first one.
People whom think they're superior to others when really they proved they're inferior.

My ego is weird. < Fact.

A 3 clown posse believing they're everyone.
Lol impressive
I find the word normal weird when its used in the context of "why can't you just be a normal person". Truth is there is no such thing as a normal person.

I find Dooney weird at times when hes trying to hide from me. Same can be said for Vexxen.

Your weirdness never existed, you just never entered my domain.

I don't find 3 knockers "weird". The third is there to do double the work.

Edited: Knockers.

How can I say this.

I told you so?
Lol who are you talking to?
Them 3 wannabe charlie angels.
It's almost time to start production on my new series.
I dont mind being the host im off until august
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