Heroes United

by Falacy
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Saw the game being hosted today, looked like it had been updated a bit as well.
Curious if anyone still has the clean source code for this after Falacy released it. Contact me on discord Identify#9607
can i join the server please would be awesome!
so like why isnt it working for me?
Man, I remember when this was insanely popular. I still got the source from when it was released, great times.
how do i setup custom macros on here, because i have a small keyboard that doesnt have numpad or arrow keys
falacy the way the game is now I gave up and I'm looking to see if I can improve that after adding the yellow xp bar it became very difficult to train as gravity doesn't make sense with games and with anime it doesn't make you heavier and recover in my opinion there are good and bad sides the good sides and we don't need to train to become ssj and the bad side i will explain all of them the orbs lose the effect as soon as you play again and gravity can have on off more just train one instead of training all the statuses and facilitating xp experience you have this yellow bar and to die and with you several skills we need to die for a player not by the npc to go there and it doesnít weigh and you donít get stronger in lord king kai and beyond having taken years to be able to train in the past you get stronger faster not ten that you had the yellow bar and only the blue green was enough that it made training difficult besides having another bad side the training equipment no it helps to upgrade and the bad side and they removed transformations that had that was good and doesnít show up to change characters nor has more ui ssj5 and many others orbs lose their power if they leave the server after they buy and go back to him the other side and that took away many types of missions and the bad side and lag also the bar is between 1 several times between 2 too and it is not green and the good side is that you can change that and that can take the death system out of training the ship namek being that you will not need to remove certain things that already exist from the more modest good sides so that they adapt well to the bad side and that even with training it doesnít even pass the frezza final form nor in the predecessor with go button because lately itís difficult to level it is not necessary removing the items but rather fixing the defects of what we buy and being a little discouraged in the past, killing the final boss easier after training for 1 year or even more to make you more and the only one who can make an update good action and the direction of the enemies and to do mission even if not being close anymore I believe that it can make it better more first divia remove the yellow xp bar that until today was the worst update depend on it to level up thank you listen to me i will wait for update eagerly hope that I can get stronger in it in the hyper bolic in the meantime I will be playing the game for good and when waiting for a change in it for the best bye friend even if you refuse to see and realize I gave my constructive opinion ok good bye
I miss the old HU, in those moments that people can train with normality and enjoy the clan wars. I think that if this come back they would be better for real
Good ol' days on Fran06 server, This game used to be so popular. I'd play again for nostalgia if i had the old char back lol.
Where did everyone go!?
I have installed byond again after some years in order to remember this game, good old days in 2007.. I wish I have my old char back hahaha.. I did make some friends back at that time.. Maso96, Ceo4Eva and other powerful guys :D
Join HU on Discord @ https://discord.gg/qzwzKPV
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