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Keep up the outstanding work. Can't wait to see all the projects you've yet to develop.
I could kiss you now! Thanks for the CSS Change man, I love it!
Hey could you do a CSS for my page. I want to have a green black type scheme similar to the image in my background.

The image link is:
Can you add me on MSN ?

[email protected]

- Thanks :) .
Lol who are you?
Done. You now have access. Thanks :)
GreatFisher wrote:
Lol who are you?

Lol, I just wanted to ask you.. Can you make me a CSS :/ haha, if you can thankss.
I can i dunno when but yes, make me layout manager.
GreatFisher wrote:
I can i dunno when but yes, make me layout manager.

Okay, it doesn't matter how it looks. Just make it look good , :D Thanks, lemme add you as layout manager .
Awesome Man. Thanks SO Much!!!! You're a Bawse
You're awesome.
Maek me a CSS.
Hey just wondering if you removed by background from your files for my CSS. If so can u send me a link to it so I can replace it back on my CSS Thanks!
GFX Iz Gewd.
Tried posting this on the forum, but it doesn't seem anyone really goes there.

I was wondering if you'd mind creating a CSS for me.
I especially enjoy pastel colors, but hate any overly saturated obnoxious colors. Something simple and tasteful would be great. I also don't like background images unless they are seamless textures and don't distract from the content. Let me know if you don't have the time and I'll begin brushing up on CSS. If you do have the time, I'm happy to answer any questions about what I may or may not like. If possible, it would be great to have a proper avatar for the blog and forums although I'm not sure if you do that.

P.S. Not sure if the forum css can be controlled separately but the top area of the forum is empty where the banner is on your front page, I thought the page didn't load properly or the text was invisible since all I saw was blue lol.
Hmm yeh I know I did fix that but then my css delted itself and I forgot to changed it.
Anyone currently awaiting a CSS please reformat your app in the forums using the new form.
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