Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
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Excuse me dear Spirit Age development team, but I'd like to know,if you please, what's going on with the Closed Beta window when you try to host a game, it says invitation & subscription only, yet, as far as I remember, I am still subscribed to SA, when did I exactly spend my sub days or yet, when did you guys actually host the game (because you have an unfair subscription time spent system, as long as you're hosting the game we're spending sub time)?
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I'll look into it, you should be able to play
@ XxKotaxX & Falcon lazorz - That is how the subscription system on BYOND works, it is based on a number of days passed. It is not connected to how often you play, and it will not. As I have said;

Chris Gayle wrote:
(You'll need to be connected to the internet for BYOND to validate you.)

Anyway, I have constantly extended the subscriptions and will continue to do so (As I have already promised you will be compensated) until we announce the open version later in the holiday. Therefore check your internet connections when you download & attempt to play as the game will need to verify that you are indeed subscribed before it will grant you access to the closed beta.

About the closed beta. Barely any content, actually less than before (not judging you tho), over powered puffs and slimes, useless fire spells buttons, N key does something, don't even know what it is, useless Pet, M button gives you great amounts of exp and V seems to show the dash dust effect. Looking straight for updates, good luck with the development.

Edit: Also Mithril bug, they don't drop anymore to me.
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Great, glad to help & not a bug. You don't get drops when your level far exceeds theirs.
I hope thats gonna get removed :C (The no drops thing).

Also, I'd like to ask if there's planned anything like monsters dropping equipment? Like, with a very low probability (lets say 0'01%).
Yes, monsters will drop equipment/relevant items inspired by their design.
How much longer is closed beta? It's taunting me..
I'm back, wish you best luck in further developing Spirit Age and hopefully I'll see you in game sometime soon :)
I hope this is still under intense production as I'd like to see it done. I'll host it for BETA players 24/7 but it will lag when I'm not using my computer. Primarily because I am hosting it on a virtual machine and not my primary OS. When I'm not using my VM I turn on my cpulimiter. Thus, the game will lag when the cpulimit is on. Good luck with development. Go wild on the server.
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