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you should see the comment i left a big LMAO!!!!!!!!!! lol
xD yeah i doubt ninja chronicals is gonna happen, anyways, since he's gone you could host Evo, right?
yea i could but there already a server hub for it so you can play there.
Great naruto game
thnx xD
Hoshen was here O.o
your mom was here....
Hey man whats up its me Rin from Naruto Evolution whats been going on between you guys?
hay i got ban from that game of yours the gms saied they would unban me this week but im still ban plz unban tnx
what you mean whats going on? and what is your player name? aaron?
Idoshen. How come i can see your game is online, but can never seem to find a way to join it?
hey man where is your game at i cant find it i want to play
ido i dont know if ur gonna check this or not but sound needs a kage, because Red quit,and now no one can be invited into village or promoted so were a village full of chunins.... can u please help?
Good job dude. U are serious game master. No kidding >.>
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