Pokemon Race Against Time

by Aceraptor
Pokemon Race Against Time
Guess who's back :D
Hi, could someone write description of this game (2-4 lines) - i need it for aanime hub..
And i need a video of this game( if there is no video, i wana see a epicimage of the game)
and this game still have new uptades?
What exactly do you need it for and yes there are updates
Can i apply to be a drak gym leader i am just wondering
After the wipe which is coming up shortly
is game on line now or are you making updates i used to play the origanil rat but had to quit because my computer went down
Yes this game is online and I work to bring updates as often as possible
it wont let me join server could you send me a invite via pager
nvm wow byond has changed alot i tell you
I'm sorry but I'm not on my computer right now. But maybe the server crashed I'll get on my computer within the next hour or 2.
Oh okay I'm glad you could make it on and I hope you enjoy!
lol not sure who all is still here on this game but im an old player ... Koshimaru .. just saying hello
This recovery is harder than I thought I might drop this project.
I won't be able to work on it until I get a new computer. The one I has a busted screen and chromebooks don't run byond.
thats no reason to drop it though D:
I can't work on it
I want to but until I get a cpu I can't
okie x-x
If I can use my dad's laptop more often then the game won't go
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