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A way to share your knowledge with other BYONDers.
Seems legit.
Update: Alpha V.0.3
Host no longer needs to have a key. Which means you can host on a shell server. New interface! Big thanks to Mecha Cloud and Chwgt for the help!
Thanks for the update. :)
Is this visible on the hub? It should be close to the first page by now lol.
Might want to make the updated one able to be re-sized with a 800x600 format as the default for people with small screens. Anchoring all the objects is good also.
People still use 800x600 o.o?
I had to for my virtual machine until I upgraded my drivers. And I'm on a 13 inch display as well. But right now I use 1800x1600 or w/e it is.
I saw this and Google Helpouts came to mind.

Regardless, neat little idea KP.
Thank you. It needs some work but it works pretty well. It only needs teachers willing to host it when needed. XD
will someone show me how to code and make animeation
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Bobthehero wrote:
will someone show me how to code and make animeation

I'll show what I can.
thx when will class begin
In response to Bobthehero
I'm hosting now, so until the server goes down in about an hour, you can connect from here: <s>byond:// (it may or may not show up on the hub. I'm not going to keep it up for long because it'll be midnight in an hour and 20 minutes, though.)</s> Gah, it won't even let me connect locally... so I guesss nevermind.
ok just let me know if your going to have it up again
Update: Alpha V.0.5
- Completely new interface
- Auto-completion to help students remember the parameters inside a proc! Simply click on the suggestion to replace what you typed with what's suggested.
Update: Alpha V.0.7
- My Classroom no longer requires multiple hosted servers. It'll be hosted on one server, where you can access other's class threw the lobby.
Update: Alpha V.0.8
- Added Password protected classes so you can prevent undesired people from joining.

-Created a little topic for the students to ask for help.
Update: Alpha V.0.9

- You can change Password during a session.

-Fixed a few interface glitches.

-Teachers can now boot unwanted students.
Glad to see you still got this going =).
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