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Football player who loves programming!


Aug 16 2019, 2:23 pm
I didnt know you much personally..but you had talent bro real talent and sorry you went so soon. Rest Up Young King
Aug 16 2019, 9:45 am
Still think about the good old days with you and byond. Miss ya man.
Jul 3 2019, 7:53 pm
Dec 2 2018, 4:23 pm
Rest in peace. you were so talented.
Oct 11 2018, 7:49 pm
Rest easy bro

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Kidpaddle45's Games
Draw it!
A fun little drawing game similar to "Draw Something" on mobile phones!
Re: Words Database
Make My Dream
Drag & Drop instead of code.
Re: About Make My Dream
A way to share your knowledge with other BYONDers.
Re: About Dreambox
Pokemon Atom
The Pokémon experience you've been waiting for!
Re: About Pokemon Atom
Shinobi Online
The game you've been waiting for ...
Re: Shinobi Online. Open for testing
Kidpaddle45's Demos
On-screen inventory & Interface commands
A basic on-screen inventory library that also teaches some useful interface commands.For Beginners.
On-screen text
Want text slowly typed on the player's screen? This is what you need. (Uses 2 examples: maptext and output)
Re: About On-screen text
Kidpaddle45's Libraries
Create a compass on-screen and have it point in a direction based on your target's position on map.
Re: About Compass
Custom Context Menu
A library that shows you how to create a custom context menu using the interface.
Re: About Custom Context Menu
Interface Commands
A little library that shows you how to create custom alerts,switch,input with fading animations.
Re: About Interface Commands
Make My Dream
Drag & Drop instead of code.
Failed to install.
Mouse Wheel Zoom
Use your mouse wheel/pinch to zoom in using animate() instead of editing the interface icon size!
Re: About Mouse Wheel Zoom
NPC Dialogue
A library that shows how to create a dialogue system with NPCs. (All interface based)
Re: About NPC Dialogue
Shadow Generator
A little system that generates shadows for selected objects in your game.
Re: About Shadow Generator