by F0lak
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Hello there! I'm making this post to let you guys check on the progress of our little project which is currently being hosted by yours truly. We'll post updates and features on this here little thread. Let's begin with the rules (which I shamelessly stole from Ducky from the forums, with slight customization.)

Intermediate Terminology

Valid Reason - This is a good reason for having undertaken an action, such as theft, arsony, or murder. An example of a valid RP reason, would be when two groups are both aware that they are at war. A "suprise attack" is expressly forbidden.

Griefing - Doing something malicious without a valid RP reason, killing, arsony, theft.

The Rules

1. A player may not post anything regarding IC information. (Location, Group, Action, Items.) in the OOC channel. This also counts for metagaming.

2. A player must emote an attack, a theft, or destruction of property and must have a valid RP reason to do so.

3. Players must give ten second reaction time to someone whom they are about to attack. The exception to this rule would be when the player who is supposed to be reacting immediately runs away without any emotes.

4. Players must not use netspeak (Ex. :), lol, omg, wtf, u.) in the IC channel.

5. A player must gain admin permission before blocking off a large section of land, or blocking off a large amount of resources, which would in turn effect the playability of the game.

6. Players may only RP within the given races. (Ex. No Dwarves.) In order to do otherwise, they must seek an admin's permission.

7. Players may not Greif, or cause harm to another player without valid reason.

8. Players may not block off the homes, or entrances to the homes of other players. Even with a Valid RP reason, this is just mean-hearted, and negatively effects another Players RP.

9. While powergaming is not really forbidden, it is frowned upon. This is a roleplaying game, not a hoarding simulator. Think of some flaws for your character instead of being an expert in every field of craft there is. It adds some more flavor to both your and others roleplaying.

10. Excessive swearing and the use of caps lock in the OOC chat is not allowed. Racial and homophobic slurs in the OOC chat is STRICTLY forbidden and will land you a temporary ban and if it keeps happening, a permanent one.

11. Do not pester admins with item requests/teleportations & summons/mounts.

Common Courtesy

Encounters - When another player approches you, don't just run off! Instead, try to get to know them by saying "Hello!" and asking a name.

Objects on the Ground - If there is something on the ground within a short distance of another player, ask to use it, or borrow.

Something Bad Happen? - Use the adminhelp feature, don't spam OOC with your problems relating to ingame information.

The current members of the project are:
Loran77772, Project Manager.
Ironjitsu, Code & Icons.
KingOfCurts, Cool swede & prophet of Shrek. Also icons & hosts the server.
-Reserved for features-
-Reserved for updates-